Vision Statement

PGM's vision is to build electrical power grid infrastructures and clean energy infrastructures to ensure prosperity for generations to come.

About The Company

PGM is a woman-owned civil contractor signatory to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union. Having extensive experience in the renewable market, PGM has assisted with the construction of substations and switching stations for a vast assortment of clients. Give us a call and let us provide you with competitive pricing for your next renewable project!

Company History

Founded in 2012 by visionaries, Lawrence Clark, Sly Alvarado and Molly Jones, Pacific Gold Marketing, Inc. (PGM) realized there was a need for a talented and experienced heavy civil contractor to partner in the rebuilding of California’s electrical power grid infrastructure. Through the team's collaborative efforts, industry research and debating ideas, these three individuals painstakingly formulated a business plan that fulfilled California’s desire to transform its State into a clean energy environment.

Since then, PGM’s commitment has been a visible presence throughout the state at myriad utility substations and switching yards. Performing services such as site prep, cut/fill, rough and finish grading, concrete, foundations, conduits, subgrade scarification, paving and various other scopes, PGM has been instrumental in upgrading and building California’s power infrastructures.

Branching out into several other western states, PGM’s clients include some of the most prominent leaders in the industry as well as public utilities. PGM continues to be at the forefront of the industry while furthering its dedication to help build a better world for generations to follow.

Core Values

PGM's core values consists of six key tenets: Safety, Integrity, Professional Development, Collaboration, Creativity and Grit. This edict was established in PGM's infancy to enhance the growth of its employees and the confidence of its clients. The aggregate of these values is crucial to the success of PGM.

Making SAFETY our #1 Priority

From executive officers to field personnel, every person on PGM's team is focused first and foremost on safety. Through healthy, positive communication, PGM has created a safety culture that evokes confidence and collective involvement. It has united the group to collaborate not only on current and relevant safety concerns but has positioned us with cutting-edge technology that enhances contemporaneous reporting, Job Hazard Analysis, job site inspections, near misses, safety observations and much more. With this type of constant and consistent participation, PGM has realized great success in keeping their employees, surrounding communities, the environment and the public safe.

Holding Each Other to the Highest Standards of INTEGRITY

Of paramount importance is the integrity of our teams. Strong moral principles are the very essence that not only enhances honesty in our business transactions, but also effectuates respect, responsibility, trust, and pride. It ensures each of our team members keep their promises as well as continue to help others.


Professional development opportunities to improve employee skills and grow knowledge is an essential component of PGM. Throughout each year, PGM provides its employees with leadership training sessions. Focus is on improving skills, instilling confidence, and providing advancement opportunities. Our training sessions do not just emphasize our employees' lives at work; the training always leaves the employee with a take-away that enhances relationships at home and within their communities.

PGM does not view their personnel as just employees; they see them as part of the family. As a family, PGM strives to always improve and enrich the lives of those who are part of the team and to help them grow not just professionally, but inwardly as well.

Always Fostering Widespread COLLABORATION

PGM enthusiastically encourages employee collaboration. This extremely vital precept includes idea sharing to achieve a common goal, open-mindedness, a dedication to open communication, long-term thinking, adaptability, and of equal importance, debate. Within the collaboration effort, each employee has equal footing and is urged to contribute. This greatly enhances innovation, which in turn, invokes creativity.

Leading with CREATIVITY

Ingenuity gives birth to creativity. PGM relishes and encourages our employees' independent judgment as well as idea generation. Imagination is a valuable attribution to PGM's collective think tank, and PGM continually seeks out individuals in this manner to provide support to the success of the company. Inspiring to fellow associates and the company as a whole, it is a prevalent factor in the growth of PGM. Each team member is considered a creative contributor, and PGM holds this contribution as a crucial business asset.

Always Focused on Perseverance and GRIT

The grit demonstrated by PGM team members is also viewed as essential. With perseverance, passion and diligence, employees take the extra steps to ensure a quality product built within safe guidelines. Optimism and resilience are what puts PGMs team above others.

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